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SiliconPV Award 2015

The SiliconPV Award 2015 was given to the 10 best ranked contributions of SiliconPV 2015 in Konstanz, Germany. They were selected among 200 submissions by a blind review process. Congratulations to all winners!

The program committee of the SiliconPV conference designated the following authors:











Richter, Philipp C. Cobb, S. Elrod, G. Fischer,
M. Hentsche, H. Neuhaus,
E. Schneiderloechner,
S.E. Solberg, M. Valtere
Germany SolarWorld Innovations Progress in Fine Line Metallization by Coextrusion Printing on Cast Mono Silicon PERC Solar Cells
Wan, Yimao J. Bullock, A. Cuevas Australia Australian National University Passivation of c-Si Surfaces by ALD Tantalum Oxide Capped with PECVD Silicon Nitride
Eisenlohr, Johannes J. Benick, B. Bläsi, M. Drießen,
F. Feldmann, J.C. Goldschmidt,
M. Hermle, B. Lee, T. Rachow
Germany Fraunhofer ISE Rear side sphere gratings - Improving light trapping in crystalline Si single-junction and Si-based tandem solar cells
Wilson, Marshall P. Edelman, J. Lagowski,
A. Savtchouk
United States Semilab SDI Drift Characteristics of Mobile Ions in Sinx ARC Films and Solar Cells
Breitenstein, Otwin J. Bauer, K. Bothe,
D. Hinken
Germany Max Planck Institute How Reliable are Thermography- and Luminescence-based Rs and J01 Images?
Schön, Jonas M. Knörlein, P.Krenckel,
W. Kwapil, S. Riepe,
F. Schindler, M.C. Schubert,
W. Warta
Germany Fraunhofer ISE Identification of the Most Relevant Metal Impurities in mc n-Type Silicon for Solar Cells
Kaden, Thomas K. Lammers, H.J. Möller Germany Fraunhofer THM Freiberg Power Loss Prognosis from Thermographic Images of PID Affected Silicon Solar Modules
Krügener, Jan R. Brendel, E. Bugiel, F. Kiefer, H.J. Osten, R. Peibst Germany Leibniz Universität Hannover Ion Implantation of Boric Molecules for Silicon Solar Cells
Bivour, Martin M. Hermle, H. Steinkemper,
J. Temmler
Germany Fraunhofer ISE Alternative Contact Materials for Induced Junction Silicon Solar Cells
Richter, Susanne C. Hagendorf, K. Kaufmann,
A. Moldovan, V. Naumann,
M. Werner
Germany Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP High-resolution Structural Investigation of Passivated Interfaces of Silicon Solar Cells

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